Scarless mole removal- shaken, not stirred!

Some moles ain't so bad lookin...

Some moles ain't so bad lookin...

One of the most popular procedures that I perform in my office is the scarless mole-removal.  It used to be that the only way to remove an unsightly mole was to have it surgically removed (excised), or sometimes the physician would just touch it with liquid nitorgen and then scrape it off with a scalpel.   Well, those days have gone the way of blood-letting and leeching (althought there is still some medical indication for leeches, beyond the scope of this entryl.. Enter the world of scarless mole removal.  The technique makes use of radiowaves that replace the scalpel.  I use the Ellman Surgitron device, the only device approved for use in surgical procedures, to gently shave away the mole layer by layer until we reach the smooth skin hiding beneath the surface.  Not all moles are candidates for this technique.  The moles must be slightly elevated, otherwise a different procedure is required.  The healing time is pretty simple.  First, I apply a numbing cream and let it sit for about 15 minutes.  Then, a tiny little injection (that you won't feel because of the numbing cream- aren't I nice?).  Then, I gently shave the mole flat.  The skin will appear a little yellower than the surrounding skin when you leave because this is the color of normal dermis.  In about 4 days a scab will form that drops off after 10-14 days.  Then, the skin is a little pinker than the surrounding skin for roughly 4-8 weeks (but you can use a concealer once the scab falls off).  That's it!  So, to repeat- day 1 the skin is yellow, day 4 the scab forms, 2 weeks the scab falls off, then 2 months all ais back to normal!  The only favor that I ask is that during the healing phase the area is potected from heavy sunlight or ocean water, so save your mole removals for after your trip to Monte Carlo!


Have a Beautiful Day!

-Dr. Lisa

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