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This blog post introduces the Genuine Dermaroller to NYC and blows away Fraxel!!

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Don’t Forget the Sunscreen!

This blog post discusses the differences between sunscreens and sunblocks and their protective benefits from sun-damage, wrinkling, and skin cancer.

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Genetiskin is Here!!

Introducing Genetiskin, simply the purest, most potent, proprietary skin vitamins in the world!

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Monte Carlo 2010 Anti-Aging Update!

Update on the newest techniques and technologies from the 2010 Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine conference in Monte Carlo.

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Mesotherapy Is the Fountain of Youth!!

Dr212Renew fills you in (pardon the pun), on facial mesotherapy, the newest addition to her practice- straight from France!

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Dmystified- should I be taking a vitamin D supplement?

DR212RENEW demystifies the controversies surrounding Vitamin D supplementation, and tells you what you should do!

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Tighty-whities are back in, better tighten your skin!

Thanks to evolving technologies in laser and light source medicine more and more men and women are choosing to postpone having a surgical facelift well until their early to late 60’s if at all.  Most patients who opt for a nonsurgical approach to rejuvenation site several reasons including fear of an overly- pulled and unnatural [...]

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Out, out damned spot!- IPL for Sunspots.

Sunspots and photodamage can be improved with a little help from photofacials!

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Dreaming of Baby-Smooth Skin? Lasers to the Rescue!

Not your mother's laser skin resurfacing...we've come a long way baby!

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SwanSong for Boring Old Microdermabrasion!

SilkPeel Diamond Microdermabrasion and Dermal Infusion leaves standard microdermabrasion in the dust!

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